Hi, I am Charu. I’m so thrilled to share my inspiring experiences with you all. 

I have worked with corporate sectors , owned a small business in the Education sector and now learning nutrition as I perceived  that a well-balanced diet is key for a healthy lifestyle. I love researching ,that makes me think differently and create something new. It gives me confidence to test myself for new reasons, ideas and possibilities.

Being a stay-at-home mother, I faced many challenges and learned each day. 

Traveling and living in different regions has given me a diverse and exciting direction towards the joy of living at home, food, travel, parenting, relationship, fitness and dancing to everyday tune.

I am mother of the most amazing child who encourages me everyday to do different things and feel the delight in small aspects of life.

I always love to share my diverse thoughts, learning and happiness which has made me write on lifestyle: sustainable fashion, creative home , wellness, parenting and education , cooking bites ,mental health ,Travel and many day to day research.

My life has many shades and I hope I relate.

I hope something somewhere will inspire some.

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