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“Reading keeps Child’s mind Healthy and focused”- Tips and activities to be bulletin.

  • Reading promotes Child’s Imagination, make them dream and them think beyond.
  • Reading encourage creative brains power.
  • Reading Trains child’s mind to focus and improve concentration as it allows them to follow one thing at a time, this focus becomes the key of their life.
  • Reading is one of the ways to deal with anxieties and stress which makes children frustrated and leads them to take wrong decisions. With reading a child can feel relax and make them calm.
  • “Books are the best friend”, as the saying goes so true. Children get sense of belonging.
  • Reading provides so many information and can help the child to connect and start conversation with anyone with so much confidence.
  • Reading is a great way to enhance ones vocabulary. Saying new words loud and clear and making them part of daily conversation is the best thing to accentuate.

Tips and activities to make reading valuable and interesting for kids:

Read together with your child, give them time to boost their interest. Your presence would matter.

Firstly, give them example by reading loud ,with expressions and using certain tips below and making children understand that every time they read they need to keep these points.

Make a handy bulletin board for kids and stick points and gradually it will become habit of the child to read with such activities. These activities will keep their minds active while reading.

Initially, it will take time of a month or two but your child will love it seeing your interest too.

Let kids find Adjectives and make a list. Make them think of 2-3 adjectives in each sentences.

Get 5 common nouns and 5 proper noun.

Making them understand the use of apostrophes and how to use them.

Write facts if it is non-fiction. Explain difference between fiction and non-fiction text to the child.

Write some phrases and words that you find effective and that makes story more interesting.

See if there are descriptive words in the text. Using thesaurus and write 2-3 synonyms and antonyms for that word.

Pick some powerful words and encourage them to use in their writing too

Make it more interesting by daily habit of writing words and meaning before bed.

Choose and draw a character from the book and describe it.

Discussion time with friends by making list of your own questions from the book.

Have a fun games like- having conversation with the character.

Imagine yourself in the similar experience to a character in the book.Write about it.

Do you find any similarity from any character of the book. Discuss and explain why or why not?

Explain and describe how you felt reading the book.

Encourage people to read the book by making a poster and explainig why they should read.

Let child imagine as one of the character form the book and motivate him to write a diary entry.

Give them an activity of writing a letter to the author and and thought about the book. Give your views.

Do a role play with your friends choosing different characters form the book.

What could be different ending of the book .Think.

Which part/Chapter of the book you think was very important and why?

Teach them -similes, metaphor, alliteration, noun phrase. Now, choose a detailed passage and make them find.This will help them a lot with writing too.

Let the child pick one character and explain the emotions and feelings of the that character.

After each halfway of the book let the child predict the upcoming.

Making some questions about the book, starting-who, when, how, what , why and which.

Pick some words from the story and making own thesaurus page.

Make the reading more expressive.

Do some debating with the child about the book or characters or author.

Think of different beginning of the story.

List down and explaining each character and their importance in the story.

Make a mini dictionary with 10 different words from the text.

Make some colourful notes from each chapter, stick them on bulletin board and at the end of the book encourage them to summarise.

If you have to give a title to the story what it should be and why?

Write down the difference between fiction and non-fiction text?

Enjoy reading….

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