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Natural and effective Remedies for Sore throat

Flu, cold and sore throat are in season and the infection doesn’t go away easily. Sore throat is one terrible infection wherein one can not swallow or eat food properly. To ease the pain and inflammation.

Some Natural Remedies:

  • Chamomile, peppermint and sage are great to mitigate the problem. Always use dried or fresh herbs for excellent results. Put 1tsp dried herbs or 2tsp of fresh herbs in boiling water. Boil for 10-12 minutes and strain.
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  • Use Turmeric, grated Ginger, fresh lemon and Raw Honey. You can also add Garlic as it is good for immunity and fights infection. Boiling them and have. Keep throat moist and hydrated by drinking warm fluids.
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  • Gargle with Raw Apply Cider Vinegar and Bicarbonate soda/salt water/salt and turmeric. Mix 1tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to warm Water and gargle another way is to mix 1/4 of salt to warm water and gargle(Use Himalayan Salt only).
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  • Liquorice Root -The most amazing remedy in Ayurveda which is called Rasayana. It comforts your throat because of its demulcent properties. It helps in treating respiratory tract infections like bronchitis and asthma. It also helps in conditions like Skin Disorder, Reduce Stress and depression. In treating Digestion disorder too. Boil the Licorice Root in water for 10 min and strain. Drink 2-3 cups per day . It is best to take Liquid solution.
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  • Marshmallow Roots- First of all they have no relation with candy marshmallows which we have partying bon-fire. But this root is used for centuries to treat infections, aid digestion and skin health. It is a plant native to Africa and some parts of Europe. It is considered as a very important Ayurvedic medicine for bacterial infection, Digestive Issue and lung ailments. The antitussive and mucilage properties of marshmallow roots decreases throat irritation and reduces swelled lymph nodes. marshmallow tea works wonder in this regard and herbs seems to soothe every tissue. It is best herb to use for treating heartburn and improves gut health. Also, these roots are good approach to bladder infection. Marshmallow root tea for sore throat: Boil 1.5cups of water and put 1tsp cut and sifted marshmallow root . Simmer and cover from heat ,strain and drink.
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  • Thyme- Best Natural remedy against cough and sore throat. It is good to cure against inflammation and also ideal to disinfect skin and strengthen our body. If you have tonsillitis and then thyme tea is a great idea. Healthy Urinary tract can be maintained with this herb. It is also used for headache and stimulate memories. Thyme has anti-viral properties, high in antioxidants, thyme will help in reducing free-radicals that are responsible for many diseases. It is great to boost immune system, relieve sore throat , helps in clearing catarrh and reducing cough due to its capability to throw out mucous from respiratory tract. It is great to be taken as liquid solution. Put fresh thyme leave in boiling water for around 8 minutes. Drink 2-4 cups/day.
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Natural herbs helps in treating many ailments. Go Natural Go Herbal…

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