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Better Bowel Movement Means Cleaner Intestines And Abundant Health 

Our colons are loaded with repulsive deposits.The bowel movement is the one of the way out of waste from the body. Bigger Poop the better Poop 🙂

The colon cancer is taking faster pace and one of several reasons is intestinal transit time. Sometimes, we don’t realise as we have daily bowel movement, we still face constipation as what we flush could be eaten last week.

Our Dietary Habits matters to take out the food from one end to the other that is oral-anal transit time. Plant based diet takes 1-2 days, on the other hand Conventional diet takes 4-5 days. We can take a simple test to understand the oral-anal transit time by consuming beets and checking how much time it takes to transit, as you notice your stool turns pink and if takes less than 24 hours transit time then your Digestion System is going good otherwise need a good change.

Don’t underestimate your Constipation – It is becoming a common Gastrointestinal complaint and turning people to doctors for several health issues – from strain in passing small, firm stool which causes hiatal hernia, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and painful conditions like anal fissures.

GEAR up with Fiber intake– This is one nutrient deficiency that results in constipation. Fiber is mostly found in plant based foods.A Study also suggests that strictly eating plant based diet is likely to have daily bowel movement.

Let’s know our food  in more detail.

Eating food in a balanced form is the requirement to avoid any stomach related problems. But how? Make it practical and easy to adopt. Let’s begin understanding of our daily intake:

Our food Contains carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals and fats.These are divided as groups as intake of each group is essential. We can not get all the nutrients from a single group. Try varieties and make it more colourful.

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Let’s divide our food consumption in 7 groups, which provide essential nutrients:

  1. Milk and its products – It has good quantity of protein, calcium and vitamin -B complex.Some are Milk, yogurt, cheese etc.Adult requirement needs to be 1-2 serving(1serving=1cup). Child requirement needs to be 2-3 serving.
  2. Fats and oil– Fo for healthy fats and oils like Olive Oil, peanut oil, walnut, rapeseed oil, nuts and seeds , avocado, eggs, oily fish(pilchards, Salmon and trout).Daily consumption of oil should be restricted to 2-3 tablespoons. This group is counted as energy provider.
  3. Cereals– Counted as important protein component, Iron, B complex vitamins and calories. To keep bowel movement enact and digestion powerful. Here is the list of some- Oats, Make your own Muesli with combination of whole grains, nuts and seeds, Homemade Granola with combination of rolled oats, nuts and dried fruits, Whole grain nuggets(having oats, wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat and triticale),whole grain cereals, peanut butter puffed cereals. Serving -6/7 serving in a day(20 gms/serving).
  4. Protein – As we know its body building, include meat, fish and poultry for non-vegetarians. Tofu, tempeh, edamame ,lentils, nuts and beans .Serving needs to be 1to 2 (30 gms/serving).
  5. Vitamin A and Iron– Basically Vitamin A is for eyes and iron if quite important for blood formation.
    • For Iron- Oysters,Mussel and clams ; Chickpeas; pumpkin seeds; edamame; black-beans; lentils ; spinach ; sesame seeds ; egg and red meat.
    • For Vitamin A- Carrots ;Tuna; Butternut squash ; sweet potato; spinach; cantaloupe ; lettuce; red bell pepper ; broccoli. Besides maintaining proper Vitamin A and Iron, these food habits would also help in adequate bowel movement.
  6. Remaining Vegetables and fruits-very essential for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They contain dietary fibre. We ned to eat 5 kinds of vegetables and 2 kind of fruits everyday for good health. Always aim for variety while buying vegetables and fruits , and get most nutrients and appeal.Your daily diet should have many colours. This group protect against cancer and other disease, enjoy flavours and textures, low in sodium and cholesterol, low in calories. Serving-2or more (100 gms/serving).
  7. Vitamin C- For healthy gums and blood vessels and fighting against infection, vitamin C plays an essential role. All the citrus fruits like oranges ,lemons ,tomatoes, gooseberry and guava. Even chillies and capsicums are rich in vitamin- C.Try to eat them raw as much as possible. Serving- 50gms/serving daily.

Every group is necessary in our daily diet to maintain balanced nutrition and proper bowl movement which in return helps in good health.

Prepare and change your meal planning and see the change…

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