Spring Time in South Korea

Something mystical happens in the spring season here, you can see people out and enjoying those Cherry Blossoms. Great time to explore many hidden gems of South Korea.

We visited The Han-River as the weather calls for it.

It has its Historical value and beautiful scenery and is known to be an iconic symbol of the Capital. It is the fourth longest river in the Korean peninsula.

If you plan your visit to Seoul,South Korea then save this destination.

You can spend your whole day experiencing different activities and a picnic. This place is a wholesome family day out for all ages.

So clean and so fresh.

There are many Stunning Activities for all :

  • Water Sports like:
    1. Windsurfing.
    2. Kayaking.
    3. boating
    4. Waterskiing and wakeboard
    5. Flyboard- It is so much fun as one get the feeling of being IRON MAN😉
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  • Bike Riding
  • Camping
  • Picnic
  • Visiting HanRiver Park
  • Ride Cruises
  • How to forget trying lip-smacking Ramyun.
  • Visiting Apgujeong Graffiti Tunnel
  • Banpo Rainbow Fountain- Don’t miss out the beauty.
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  • Fishing
  • Lighting the Firework.
  • Enjoying HanRiver Firework Festival
  • Swimming
  • Tubester ride in the evening- Just Amazing .
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ELAND CRUISE at The Han River

It’s so much Fun. There are many public and private cruises but I recommend Eland Cruise as it is a complete fun package with the whole family.

Very delightful welcome, take many pictures as every corner of this cruise is worth it.

Take in mesmerising sights as your cruise moves through the centre of korean peninsula. You will fall in love with the unique ambiance of Eland Cruise.

You will experience many Seagull and can also feed them.

There are many Eland Cruise options to choose from:

  1. Story Cruise- Having live music performance, feed Seagull, a trip through downtown Han river.
  2. Pang Pang Cruise- With the admirable night view of Han River Downtown, Enjoy Pang Pang Show.
  3. Fire Work Cruise- Banpo Rainbow Fountain/Live Concert.
  4. Moonlight Cruise- Live Jazz concert.
  5. Lunch Cruise- Superb on-ship Buffet with 30 plus options in the menu.
  6. Dinner cruise -Rainbow Fountain view/Jazz and again Top class on-ship Buffet.

With my kids we chose Story Cruise and had a wonderful time. The Han River is so relaxing and the music at the cruise was just amazing.

Cruise Along Hangang River and get to know more about Korean History and the beauty. You will definitely enjoy everything coming to this marvellous place with ample of options for the whole family irrespective of the age.

Share your experience with me🙂.

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