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While choosing my cookwares I always keep in mind the durability , Health effects and compatibility as I use both gas and induction hobs.

After learning about the harmful effects of PTFE and  PFOA used in manufacturing non-stick utensils, all I could think of is just to get rid of all those toxicities from my kitchen. 

To understand in short the meaning of the abbreviations(PTFE  and PFOA): PTFE is used to coat non-stick coats, which are mostly aluminium during production. PFOA is used to join PTFE to pan making it non-stick. According to EWG, PFOA never breaks in the environment and its molecules will be present forever. In animals, PFOA causes cancer, birth defects, and other neath problems.

We cook daily but cooking in something which is unsafe for food is no logic. Every health practice will go in vain if your cookware is unsafe.

So, get ready to replace your non-stick pans and pots with healthy and safe alternatives, but wonder which material is right for your needs?

There are 3 safe choices:

  • Stainless Steel:
    1. Triply construction of high grade 18/10 stainless sandwiched around an aluminium core.
    2. Fast Heating and less energy which cooks the food faster and retains heat for much flavour.
    3. Doesn’t reacts with acidic food.
    4. Durable and long Lasting (10- 25 years of use).
    5. Can be used in Dishwasher.
    6. Use proper oil ,so that your food doesn’t stick, better to use slightly on low flame.
    7. Suitable for all cooktops.

What I use : Meyer , Bergener and stahl products. Out of these three brands Meyer is the best as – Its bottom is thick, silicon padded Handles , 100% nickel free,100% safe that means no toxins, tempered Glass lid ,it seals the moisture for faster cooking, Suitable for any cooktop, you need to use oil but its nutritious and non toxic.

Some of the brands I prefer and use:

  1. https://meyerindia.in/
  2. https://www.bergnerhome.in/
  3. https://stahlkitchens.com/
  4. https://www.aldaindia.com/
My Meyer cookware
  • Cast Iron:
    1. Best known for its durability, if maintained properly, heat retention and value.
    2. Layer it with coconut or soy oil, need to be applied evenly all over the surfaces of the cast iron then bake on high temperature. Though, these days they come seasoned but need to be done for more longevity.
    4. Also, the food cooked in cast iron, when it leach with the metal, its nutrition value enhances.
    5. Suitable for all types of cooktop.
    6. If you are looking for authentic cooking then just go for it. It is so durable that you can pass to generations.

  1. Pure Ceramic :
    1. If you like to cook without oil then pure ceramic is your take as there will be no trace of chemical or metal leach for healthy cooking.
    2. Cooking in these types of cookware make the food cooked properly from both the inside and outside.
    3. High heat resistance, no leaching.
    4. Free from lead and cadmium.
    5. One thing that it is less durable like others, as the ceramic could break.
    6. Does not retain odour and bacterias.
    7. Use wooden spatula for better condition.

picture credit Meyer
My Alda

Choice is yours as health is yours 🙂

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