Amazing day at Everland – South Korea’s

A fun filled day for entire family….Land of fantasy with memorable adventures.

Everland is a global theme park with various festivals, attractions, zoo and gardens. It is counted in world’s largest theme park with integrated Zoo which get millions of visitors annually.

It is operated by Samsung C&T Corporation. Located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, City in Gyeonggi-Do.

Visiting Everland makes your trip to South Korea accomplished.

Everland consists of 5 theme zones, namely Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure and Zootopia.

Starting with the Global Fair : key attractions(The Magic Tree,Grand Emporium,Hologram Theatre).

  • Grand Emporium is the biggest store and you will get ultimate shopping experience.
  • You will find different merchandisers and have great shopping taste.
  • Hologram Theatre which you can get your favourite k-pop star hologram.
  • That soft music around with fascinating stores and architecture.
  • Building styles are mostly influenced by Victorian, Oriental and Indian work.
  • This is the journey to fairytales which commence with the Magic Tree which always dresses as per the occasion and each time you will experience different shades.

Click as many pictures you could .

2. Zootopia : Key attractions (Panda World, Lost valley, Safari World and Amazon Express)

  • Most popular is the Panda World, where you would see cute Pair of Pandas gifted by the Chinese president as a friendly gesture. The attraction is quite interactive and one can gain good learning . These Panda’s get exclusive diet of Bamboos.
  • Lost Valley and Safari World are exhibition of animals through the rides. You can see animals close to your ride. In Lost Valley you will experience the Tram which turns into a boat to cross the river and In Safari World, you can take a jeep with professional Trainer and get close to wildlife. It is world of exotic animals.In Lost Valley you will find large animals- elephants, giraffe, camels and Rhino.
  • kids can also have pony and camel rides.

3. Magic Land : Theme based on Aesop’s fairy tales. It world of fairytales stories for children. And for my kid it was about Thomas and friends, he was fond of Thomas train so much that because of him we too many rides of it..crazy we.. but worth it..

  • Esop’s Fountain of Wisdom and Magic Cookie House, a house decorated with cookies and sweets. Do get clicked. There are many exhibitions in there. Aesop’s House & Fable Garden, Music Garden and Butterfly Garden..oh.. many mesmerising things going in that area and one can relax after so much of adventure.

One would get lost in the serenity this area is having with the music..just amazing..

Greenery and splendid Architecture would make you enjoy to the utmost.

4. European Adventure: Key Attractions(T-Express, Carnival Square, Rotating house, Royal Garden)

  • Here you can get delicacy of Europe as many restaurants offer the food from of this particular region.
  • T-Express- The rollercoaster made of wood. It’s the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster. You would be dropping from 77º Angle at a wonder speed of 104 km/hour. Hang on Guys !
  • The rotating House was fun as you could feel the house moved under your feet. Its different experience.

5. American Adventure: Key Attractions(Rolling X-Train, Columbus Adventure, Hurricane,Let’s Twist, Double Rock Spin, Robot VR, Gyro VR)

  • The most thrilling rides after T-Express can be found here. With my child we could not explore this area much as all the rides were making us feel like, if anything happened to us, whose going to take care of my kiddo 🤣.
  • So, if you are daredevil.kindly enjoy the most of this area.

Everland also showcases different themed festivals – winter wonderland, tulip festival, Rose festivals , Summer splash.

Coming to Spectacular Parade: The colourful magical show by talented artist. All the performances were amazing and the music will rock you. Kids really enjoy their favourite characters.

Not to forget the Birds Paradise :

  • Cute little bundles in this area are so adorable-Penguins, beautiful Flamingos, White Peacock, So many other species.
  • The bird show performed by the Trainer got eyes of the crowd.

Important points to remember:

  • Get a stroller for children as this is going to be a long walk and children will definitely get tired and the whole fun would go in vain.
  • Do get your tickets in advance as the queue would be long enough . Book online.
  • Plan your day with their online map as it makes your day more organised .
  • Modes to travel to Everland : You can take Everland shuttle which you could get from designated station in Seoul. Another way is the Bus No. 5002 from Exit 5 of Gangnam Station. But we took subway route from Maeson- dong, Suwon station to Everland.
  • Although you could get many eating options, still carry some snacks and water as it is going to be a long walk.
  • Spend your full day , Timings -10:00am- 10:00pm.

Have A Wonderful Day!

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