Splendid South Korea

My inclination towards the South Korea. What a time it was, retained as treasure and experience. It is a paradise that glitters with change in season and each day is a celebration. Living in Korea gives an extensive learning of its culture ,costume , tradition and how they are progressing across. Exploration begins….

  • People are quite affable and admire their culture a lot. Many Koreans practise Confucianism which is an old tradition in many Asian countries. Confucianists follow the teachings of Chinese teacher and philosopher Confucius who told his pupils to lead a simple life, do good and respect each other.
  • Korea’s architectural practices have a long history.

  • I used to live in Suwon which is the capital and largest city of Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea’s most populous province which surrounds Seoul, the national capital.
  • Here people could ask your age when you meet them and to my surprise their calculation is different from others – children are already 1 year old when they’re born, and with respect to lunar New Year, those born on December 31 are 2 years old the next day.
  • Another aspect is korean- bowing, which shows “Thank you” or “Excuse me”and it is an everyday part.Wait , not to forget to take off your shoes once inside the house or apartment, I always used to make sure that my socks are clean and hole free.
  • The sit-on-the-floor dining was an experience as people here adore their food and enjoy it thoroughly and what amused me were a lot of side dishes served with the order you placed.So, take it as a compliment and  enjoy your food. Many Korean dishes are rice, vegetable, soya and meat based. Sesame seeds, chilli, kimchi and rice products are common ingredients. Koreans use metal chopsticks and spoons to eat.
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Typical Korean dishes: Kimchi which is a traditional dish made with fermented vegetables; Dak Galbi is a spicy chicken stir-fry with sweet potatoes, rice cakes and vegetables; Bulgogi is a grilled meat and vegetable dish; Jajangmyeong is a street food having noodles, vegetables, fried pork or seafood in a thick black bean sauce; Bibimbap is a mixed rice with different vegetables, served with an egg.

  • Frequent words you will hear by koreans are Hi as “annyeonghaseyo” and hello annyeong hashimnikka”. Korean is a beautiful language and people there speak it adorably.
  • Remember PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ youtube hit in 2013, it was by k-pop which is korean pop music. Gangnam refers – The city of Seoul.

Our first snow experience was something magical ,waking up in the morning with white layered snow was an incredible view. It was great for my kiddo , as he made snowman and played with snow balls and snow sliding.

Housing in South Korea : The society here emphasises more on family rather community and with the apartment design one can sense as it is equipped with all necessities with respect to modern appliances and furnishing. The best part, for kids they have a lot of play areas and child care facilities. Also, for adults they have separate park gym along with walking and running track. The average apartment blocks varies around 15-30 floors with huge open space. The society I used to live was surrounded by all facilities one could ask for, with quite welcoming neighbourhood around.

South Korea has abundance of attractions for all ages and with my little one we had great fun time.

  1. Starting with Coex aquarium

Located in the Gangagum District in Seoul .It is the largest in Seoul with 40,000 sea creatures with 650 different species and displayed in 14 themed zones.  It is home to over 110 sharks of 17 species.

Theme zone include the Rainbow Lounge, Woori Woori Fish,Korea hospital,Imagination Fish Country, Amazonia World, Marine Touch Research Institute, Mangrove and beach, Coral Museum,Sea Kingdom, Beautiful Marine Village,Deep Blue Square, Submarine Tunnel, Deep Sea Garden, Penguin’s Dream Garden and Kids favourite gift shop. Perfect indoor experience of nature and environment. Enjoyed an amazing exhibition of “Mermaid Performance” and “Penguin Feeding”.

It is the perfect destination for kids and adults(All ages).

2. Moving to World’s largest indoor theme park

Lotte World -The largest indoor theme park in the world

Embellish a child in you again and visit this fantastic place which can kick your adrenaline up.

Located within Seoul city, it is a spectacular theme park. This park is divided into two theme park. The indoor park is Lotte world Adventure and the outdoor is known as Lotte World magic Island.

Lotte World is owned and operated by Lotte Co.Ltd., a company founded in Japan and currently based in both that country and South Korea.

Lotte Co. Ltd., empire also includes candy companies, fast food restaurants, cinemas, malls, department stores, convenience marts and skyscrapers.Like Disney and Universal parks, Lotte World is surrounded by stupendous entertainment and shopping complex, featuring a water park, an aquarium and other Lotte’s businesses, as well as luxury boutiques, hotels and allocated subway stop. Since opening in 1989, it has been attracting millions of visitors each year as this theme is open throughout the year irrespective of the weather. 

We chose Indoor park because of my 3 year old as most of the rides were child friendly.

Lotte World has a 4-story indoor theme park called the Indoor Adventure. There are around 22 globally-themed rides here, including Conquistador which is a kind of Spanish pirate ship, the French Revolution roller coaster, the World Monorail, Camelot Carousel, and Flume Ride – a Jurassic Park-inspired water ride with animatronic dinosaurs.

  • The Folk Museum -It is quite popular with tourists as it shows Korea’s history and displays cultural items and very well crafted miniature models of villages and palaces, pottery, statues and clothing.
  • Ice Skating -Those who want to experience ice skating can find the Lotte world indoor park.It is good for first-timers like me.
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The whole park is very well surrounded by multi-cultural restaurants, snack shops and other needed services which I needed with my kid and most importantly they provide special bracelets for kids so that even if they wander off ,they could be identified by the park.

Lotte World Adventure parades WOW WOW WOW!!! What a Spectacular parade it was. They have different parade themes seasonally : Masquerade -world of masked dancers , they looked so graceful.

Rio Samba- they dance in flamboyant costumes and fiery moves. Around halloween you will find the ghost and ghouls wherein you will be screaming throughout. And who can forget the Christmas themed parade which is so magical in itself. Finally, Let’s Dream Night Parade for a spectacular lights and fireworks display. Featuring electronic aerial balloons, flying lanterns, flamboyant costumes and everyone’s favourite.

Lotte World trick-eye photo zones: Take as many as souvenir pictures at this optical illusion museum and trick your friends and  family. Enjoyed each aspect of it.

How can I forget to mention Super amazing, Lotte World Tower With 123 floors and 555 meters in height, Lotte World Tower is the world’s 5th tallest building.

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Journey continue…..

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